Fashion Post: Peachy Keen

Hello, everyone! I’ve decided that since I’m going to be adding a lot of my blog posts to my main website, it might be a good idea to change the topic of this blog so that I’m not alternating between sites to put my written content on. I still might post occasional random thoughts on this blog but I decided I’m going to start writing fashion posts as well.

For my first fashion post, I just had to show you all this adorable collared dress I got from Brooklyn Industries. I’ve wanted a dress like this for the longest time, gaining inspiration from Mindy Kaling and my various online shopping experiences. The problem is, I typically don’t order clothing online unless it’s something easy to fit like a sweatshirt, or it’s something that I already know my size in because I have a similar garment from the same company. Long story short, I was in Brooklyn Industries and I knew I had to buy this dress!

I wore it for the first time on an uncharacteristically warm Sunday in February to go to my stepbrother’s birthday brunch in the city with my famcollared-dress-1ily. The only photo I got that day was badly lit so I had to take pictures the next day during a time period where the weather was all over the place. Hence the photos of me pretending not to be cold in the snow. I figured since it was coat weather, I would at least add a cardigan, so I added a peach-colored cardigan from my mom’s closet which looked surprisingly good with it.

I paired it with a red belt that I got handed down from my stepmom as well as some thick brown tights and some black pseudo-combat boots. The brand of my boots is Born, and I most likely got them at Nordstrom although I don’t remember. I also wore a gorgeous bracelet from a Brooklyn boutique called El Milagro, which I got for Christmas. I topped it off with my new favorite lipstick, which I also got for Christmas and have worn probably every day in 2016 that I have worn makeup. It is a Too Faced La Creme Color Drenched Lip Creme and the color is “So Berry Sexy”.


If there are any lessons learned here, they are the following:

  1. Wait until you find the right piece to match your clothing desires.
  2. You don’t have to be a “waif” (AKA very thin with a small chest) to wear this kind of dress. (My mom said this before I tried it on and was proven wrong.)
  3. If want to get good pictures, don’t take them with the sunlight behind you because then you will have to go out in the cold the next day to take pictures.
  4. Your mom’s clothes aren’t always that bad.